Never Forget

Family ForeverIt is Friday, September 11. 9/11 is a day that flags fly at half mast. 9/11 is a day most of the country, if not the world, will never forget. We stop for a moment. We think of where we were then, how the day unfolded, who we were with, what happened in the immediate aftermath and in the months to come. And why. The whole world is still pondering the why.

Giving Back6 years ago, on Friday September 11, a surgeon removed a good chunk of Jim’s left frontal lobe and confirmed a diagnosis of glioblastoma. I still ponder why. I remember what happened in the immediate aftermath and in the months to come. I remember my kids arriving and the friends that surrounded us with so much love. I remember how very long that day was. I remember collapsing, finally, into a puddle of tears on the hospital lawn late that night.

Better ManI have the day off of work. I think I will ride my bike on the trails that are Jim’s legacy. I will stop. I will never forget.

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One Response to Never Forget

  1. September … hope and fear and tears.
    One of the hints I so much wanted to learn from you and Jim was how to live – and teach – joyfully. Jim singing in my room, Keb Mo’s words … loving the kids in my room. I really am getting better at it. Last year and this year, I think I’m really starting to do it. And it’s making such a difference for the kids in my room. I got an email last night from a mom thanking me for her daughter’s great start this year – a big change from last year. Mom said “you always have something kind to say” for her kiddo.
    I really do think the joy began on the day pictured here …
    Love ya

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