OK, I’ll admit it. I spent most of today asleep on the couch. I tried to read Phil Druker’s new book. I was able to look at all the pictures before feeling like I had been hit on the head with a rubber hammer. I did call and schedule a few work appointments. I got stood up on one appointment, and showed up for a meeting that had been rescheduled for next week. Tomorrow, I am already scheduled from 8 til after 5:30. Sleep on the couch was welcome.

I worked yesterday. I also cleaned out the back of the truck. Some was our stuff from the trip. Some was boating equipment that Emerald had borrowed for Spring Break. Yes, the red kayak needs a new valve. A lot of the back of the truck was filled with things that I have seen, but not really seen, for the last 4 years. Pictures of childhood. A Western Whitewater book given as a birthday present. That dry bag I thought I had lost. The fish candle holder that graced a desk long before the girl who sat behind that desk could fish. A glass vase full of rocks, which have been collected over a short, but already full, lifetime. And disposable razors and feminine hygiene products. Really?? Does this stuff need a place in my small house?

Graduation, both my kids in the same place for a short time. Meeting everyone that has held Emerald close over the last 4 years when I could not. Feeling the hit of the sandwich generation as I juggle the needs of the those above and below me. Getting my fill of Missoula beer, and going out to eat on Jasper’s recommendation: Asian food, in a strip mall, bad decor, pictures of food on the menu that don’t do justice to the food itself. Having a partner that holds me close at the end of the day, and loves me no matter what. Knowing that family is where the heart is, and mine is so full.

I slept today. Tomorrow is another day. I slept, and I dreamt. I dreamt of fishes. I dreamt of horses. I woke up and called a friend to cement plans in Tahoe for June. That boy is packing for and getting ready for a trip back East to visit family, land, and friends. My past haunts and holds me. My future, well, it is the rest of my life. I. am. the. luckiest girl in the universe.

The graduate

solo bike rides

Greg and Bread

the grans



Emerald's mentor

Jasper and Em

Run to Goodwill

Day after the family leaves


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