Flying Solo

I am flying solo again. I could wax poetic for hours on all the things that have swirled around in my brain over the last few weeks, but I doubt any of it would be original, it certainly wouldn’t fix anything…and in reality what happened between John and I remains private between John and I. There is no evil person, no horrendous circumstance, no knight in shining armor for me, no princess of the ball for him. There is no one to blame. Time and energy are finite resources in this universe. It’s over and I am flying solo again.

I am sad that it did not work. I am sorry for any pain I have caused, but I am not sorry that we took another chance at love. The relationship failed, but neither one of us is a failure. I know that should one or the both of us try at love again, we will do so with our whole hearts. Anything less is just not worth it.

I am flying solo….but if I have learned anything in these last few years….I am not alone. That….is a comfort.

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One Response to Flying Solo

  1. Sorry Kathy … Everyone you know will carry through. You’re so right about the love and support you have in Moscow, Idaho that holds your heart!

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