I belong to a dream group. We meet weekly. This is the 3rd such group I have belonged to over the last couple (oops, maybe 3) decades. Dreams, the actual real kind that happen at night while you are asleep, are a big part of my spirituality. I have/had dreams with people important to me that have died in them. Folks sometimes impart very clear instructions or messages. I listen…they feel like they are from the other side. As a child, my sister and I would join each other in our dreams at night, and then talk about them the next day. We did not think that this was anything unusual. I have predictive dreams. Jim’s illness and death were showing up in my dreams long before his diagnosis. These dreams scare me. I’m not always sure how to deal with them. It is easier to just skip sleep. But sometimes the predictions are good…and when that happens it makes me happy. I am sleeping, and dreaming, more now. I love being part of a dream group. Sharing dreams is powerful stuff. The dream doesn’t have to be one of mine to bring up images, symbols, issues…..that touch my soul. Dreams point out the interconnectedness of us all. They have taught me that joy and sorrow, passion and death, longing for belonging, seeking the right path…are universal human conditions. I love being part of a dream group.

I day-dream a lot as well. It may be about what I hope for a child and family as I am driving to a work appointment, or a vision for a better system as I commute to a school. I dream while I run…and with my running partners this often happens out loud. I dream in the swimming pool, unless it is an IM workout, so I usually lose count of laps over 6. I dream a lot these days about where I have been and where I am going. Joy and sorrow, passion and death, longing for belonging and seeking the right path. I have a dream of what this life is and should be. More and more, I am living that dream.

I am attracted to and surrounded by people who are living their dreams. The bravest people I know are the ones that throw off all of their fears and expectations…parental, societal, or otherwise…and live their dreams. They are passionate and compassionate, they are playful and affectionate, they are quick to speak their truth, and give out hugs freely. These folks don’t live with their heads in the sky. Engagement with the world, hard work, and failure are part and parcel of the process. They are present, open, and aware of what is right in front of them, now. And when life beats them into the ground, they sleep….knowing that tomorrow, and another chance, will come. They “get” the universal human condition. They laugh a lot, and cry easily. My life is full of these people. I am the luckiest girl in the universe.

MLK had a dream. It was a big one. Our world is still working on it long after his death. My dreams are not as grandiose. Most of mine will fade out and die after I do. But…I can’t help but wonder what kind of world this would be if everyone was living their dreams. For me, I know that there is no other kind of living. Be alive, with eyes wide open to now, with constant awareness of where I want to be. Celebrate life, this life. It is the only one we get as far as I know.

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One Response to Dreams

  1. jj says:

    Kathie, your dream is big enough.

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