Burgdorf 2011





I made it. It’s been a year. I couldn’t have done this alone…and why would I have wanted to? I still feel like the luckiest girl in the universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m still alive. I’m still so alive. I awoke in the wee hours last night. The fire was out. There was stereo snoring occurring from the loft. My teenaged son was talking in his sleep…full coherent sentences. Probably about the essay he is now struggling to write. My mattress mate was cooing. After restarting the fire, I stepped outside to pee. The moon peeked out from between the clouds, lit up the meadow, and all I could see was snow. No elk, no wolves, no deer, no Jim. Just snow. Burgdorf is now snowed in for the winter. It is November. Everything is as it should be. So lucky. So alive. Thank you…I am so out of words.

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4 Responses to Burgdorf 2011

  1. Joan Jones says:

    Welcome home, dear heart.

  2. michaellaf says:

    While you were being snowed upon, we were being rained on. Glad to hear you were among good friends. What happened to Emeralds “smile” though?

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