The Perfect Da(y/te)

Well, I’ve been doing this on-line date thing for about a week. I’ve had a 302 “views”, 24 “winks”, I’ve exchanged a few emails…and I am not as scared as I was. Still, when the site emails me, it continues to tell me that I have no or few “mutual matches”, and that perhaps I should be less selective in my criteria. On the contrast, every time I go in to look at my profile, I make it more restrictive. Still…I am trying to be a good sport, and do what they tell me to do. One thing they ask you to do is to describe the perfect date. Now…it’s been so long since I have been on a date, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start…but I can describe a perfect day…..

Sleep in til after 7. May not seem late to you, but compared to the usual week day waking time, this feels like true indulgence.

Drink coffee. I’m sure there are people who can greet the day without caffeine, but I am not one of them. I once went on a camping trip and forgot to pack it. Jim traded 2 beers just to get me some instant. Need my coffee.

Tell the dog you are going to take her on the mountain. Watch her go in circles. Laugh.

Go indulge in some human-powered recreation on the mountain. Revel in the first snowfall, shiver when the spindrift showers down on you, be grateful that age 50+ you can still run….and nothing hurts.

Come home and make something “good” for brunch. This generally means something with bacon and/or maple syrup. Have to offset the weekday oatmeal habit.

Do a few chores. Things like dog poop clean up and leaf raking are easier when it is frozen, anyhow.

Pick up the phone and talk to someone you love that doesn’t live here anymore. Take the time to have a real conversation and not a 53 character text exchange. Open up and read a paper letter from a friend that lives even further away….laugh because you can hear their voice just as if it was yesterday not over 25 years ago.

Jump on your heavy blue bike with streamers and a basket, and head to the co-op. Buy local, in season, apples. Bring them gently home so as not to bruise them in the basket, and then laugh when you drop the whole bag on the concrete. They won’t last long enough to bruise, anyhow.

Pick up the book you started this week with the intent to finish it. Get comfy on the couch. Notice that when you get horizontal, the results are predictable. Go with it. Wake up from your nap and finish the book, anyhow.

Contemplate waking your son from his nap on the couch, or just letting him wake up at midnight and go to bed. Watch the dog nap. Feel the effects of all this sleeping in the house….and make yourself a cup of tea…black.

Heat up something for dinner. Anything with brown rice is good.

Finally grab that shower, put on something kinda pretty, and walk downtown to meet your friends for some live music. Have a glass of wine. Feel fortunate that your town has such venues, and that they are generally filled with the nicest people in the universe.

Get talked into dancing later….or not.

Perfect day….how do I translate this into a perfect date??



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5 Responses to The Perfect Da(y/te)

  1. Beth waddel says:

    Stay selective, no compromising…

  2. Judi Kloper says:

    I’m with Beth! I’ve been doing the online dating thing off and on for about the past four years….I could have written what you wrote about the match and wink thing. What I have decided is that I will not compromise on much, no matter how much my good friends tell me I’m too picky and have to lower (or change) my standards. Nope! I’m remaining selective! Not gonna settle. I’d rather live alone than settle. Get ready for some really interesting times ahead, Kath.

  3. geo says:

    Be Lucky Kathie !

  4. Joan Jones says:

    Amen…don’t be less selective. Whatever happens, you will end up compromising later (as is the way of things), so set that bar high to start. It’s not a guarantee of success–or happiness–but it helps.

  5. Phil Druker says:

    Don’t compromise on the perfect day either!

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