New Places

Had a wonderful weekend on the Lochsa with the tribe. Another installment of Jim’s ashes were deposited…and dumped…in the Grotto. I have no pictures yet, as this was Emerald’s job, and they are on a different camera. The water was higher than it has ever been for my sweet girl child. She did fine. She assisted in rescuing another boat. Her dad would have been proud. He was everywhere and nowhere this weekend. The Lochsa is his place. It is his and Emerald’s. It is not mine.

After one day of getting beat up by the river, we decided to hike to Shoestring Falls and beyond. This is my place. It was also Jim’s. It is our place. He was everywhere and nowhere. I woke up after the weekend realizing that I need new places. My places. Places for Emerald and I. Places for Jasper and I. Places for just me. Summer is looming. I discovered that I can fit a cot in the back camper bed of my truck.  I have a good tent (or 2), I have gas money, and a way to quickly heat up a cup of coffee. I have plans for a few days off in McCall. Emerald is taking me backpacking in the Bitterroot while Jasper is in Nicaragua. I have a mountain bike and access to a road bike for the summer. There are easier, class II-III rivers that will soothe my soul, even if they are too boring for class IV boaters. I can kinda back a trailer. New places….they are calling me.

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3 Responses to New Places

  1. Martin Trail says:

    Kathie, when is Jasper in Nicaragua? Carli is taking us there in about three weeks! Martin

  2. Nancy Nelson says:

    Did you say . . . . road bike? ? ? Hmm. Maybe an opportunity for new places, or even old places seen a bit differently.

  3. Phil Druker says:

    YES to new places.

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