Last night I had a PParty.  Jasper left for 3 days in Seattle, and last time he was gone for a few nights, I really felt like a boat with no oars. It was hard, I held my own Pity Party. This time I hosted a true PParty. These started out years ago as, “The boy’s away, the girls will Play…..Poker!” I’ve long since given up the idea that we will ever get around to a hand of Poker, even for Pennies, and last night, I did not even Pull out the Pile of cards. So, what is a PParty?

A PParty celebrates all things P. Pesto Pizza. Pistachios, Pretzels, and Pickles. Pie and more Pie.  Pino grigio or Pino noir. And always, some Pineapple rum drink. And we talk, and we laugh. We celebrate Pain and Passion. People and Politics. Parenthood with and without a Partner. Body Parts that start with P. Perceptions and Perseverations. Pleasure. Wedding Parties of Princes and Princesses. Last night’s PParty was Punctuated by a call to my Progeny. Emerald just endured her own Political Process and won a seat on student senate. Plans and Platitudes. Promptly at 10, my Pajamas go on, and Pantry Patrol kicks in. Everyone Pitches in and my kitchen is sPic and sPan Prior to bed.

Last night, looking around my kitchen, I realized that though I am a ship in unchartered waters, these women have been and continue to be my Prow. They Protect me, they Perceive needs I don’t even know I have. They are Plucky, and they have Persevered in their support of me and my family. Even when I am Puny, Prickly, and so not Perfect. They are my Peace.

PS: No Pictures. They are Private. I Promised.

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4 Responses to P-Party

  1. Louise says:


  2. Gerri Sayler says:


  3. Joan Jones says:

    Sounds Pretty Perfect, really…

  4. Kim Cook says:

    What a perfect night with the most pleasurable (if that’s a word) bunch of women. Always a a great time when gathered around the table.

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