More poop!

I just took a whirlwind 24 hour trip to spend an evening with my daughter, Emerald. Nine hours of driving for a 15 second hug may seem extreme, but when you know what you need….well, let’s just say I had to do it. ‘Twas a lovely short visit. That last hour of driving was hard.

I arrived home to find a $20 bill from a high school student sitting on my desk. He had purchased a few of Jim’s items on eBay, came to pick them up, and left a $20 contribution to the groover. Then Jasper arrived home, handed me his paycheck from auditorium tech, and said, “It’s the 13th, can you get this to PCEI before Friday?”

I let Tom Lamar know, and he stated that he had a couple of kids give all the proceeds from their lemonade stand once. $20, a double-digit paycheck, quarters from a lemonade stand might not go very far towards a $35 K facility….but they mean a lot.

I’ve had some questions about why a toilet costs so much money. What many folks don’t understand is that this is not just a pot to piss in, it is a separate facility. 3 rooms. 2.5 stories built into a hillside. It has to be made ADA accessible, and PCEI will go one step above that to make it truly accessible. It will be green construction, and will be powered by solar. Because of local volunteer labor, it will cost 1/2 what it would cost to have someone else build it.

There are still 2 days to get your donation in to PCEI and take advantage of the match from the anonymous donor. PCEI will be listing the donors in the finished groover in some fashion. If you wish to remain anonymous, they also know how to deal with that. Please refer to my earlier post, “Pennies for Poop” to learn more about this project. It is very easy to donate via the PCEI link on the right side of this blog. Much easier than a lemonade stand, or staffing the Jr High talent show.

rendering on site

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