Widow Card

Yesterday I went on a lovely hike up Asotin Creek. It was a place Jim had told me about. Mountain bikers go there in the early season to escape the cold and snow still present in Moscow. I wanted some warmth. I got it. And a few wild flowers, and vanilla scented Ponderosa Pine, and ticks, but no morels. I also got a citation for violation to obey signs relating to the need for a permit to park in a WDFW improved  access facility. I looked around. We took pictures. There was no sign where we parked, at the trailhead, or at the turn off from the road. There was no mention of needing said permit on the Asotin Wildlife Area webpage we had printed off to find this place. We were one of 2 cars in the lot when we arrived, one of 2 when we left.

I called the number on the citation, and the officer was less than sympathetic. He said there was a big red sign…and when he described where it was, I recognized the place. It was not where we parked, it was not at the trailhead, and it was not at the turn off from the road. I stated this….calmly. He was…rude. Basically told me that he had his own pictures, and I could go argue this with the judge. I hung up, red in the face, close to tears. Why, even when I know I am right, do I end up feeling guilty in any kind of conflict? Damn the midwest upbringing anyhow!

Interestingly, I did not pull the widow card. I did not state that after getting out for a hike after 5 hours of sleep, that I did not have the energy to walk down to the opposite end of the huge empty parking area to check out another sign. I did not burst into tears, and tell him that his citation ruined an otherwise perfect, and how very rare that is, day. I did not inform him that after going out to dance on Saturday, and putting gas in the car to go hiking, I had pretty much used up my weekend budget, and being a new widow, I am trying hard to live within my means. I did not pull the widow card. I did not even think about it.

Now I am thinking about it. I will have to weigh the cost of getting to wherever the judge is vs just paying the ticket. Wonder if it will be scheduled at a time that does not conflict with work, or parenting responsibilities. I will see if I have the energy to add one more annoyance to my life. Can I be manipulative enough to actually pull the widow card?When does that expire, anyhow?

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5 Responses to Widow Card

  1. Gordon & Judi Allard says:

    How about ~~ as long as you need it? That’s what a counselor of mine would probably have said. And, I understand about the mid-western upbringing! It’s okay to be angry about that as well. Whatever… you can do it YOUR WAY! Hugs, Judi

  2. Michael says:

    growl, show your teeth and talk to the judge . . . it may give you a little peace of mind.
    -Michael and Dianna

  3. Joan Jones says:

    I’m not sure that the truth counts as a card.

  4. Martin Trail says:

    So–inspite of the parking violation fiasco…I am curious. . . how do i find this place and was it worth it? and…where does one buy a pass?
    I had the same problem last spring arriving at a trail head miles from nowhere on the grand ronde in the dark and confronting a sign that said i needed a pass or there was a $40 fine. It wasn’t during fishing season and i don’t think they bothered to check the lot. But the guy at fish and game i talked to never mentioned needing a parking pass…probably doesn’t occur to him because he doesn’t need one for himself. I didn’t end up getting nailed…(whew!). I hope you can get out of it! ~m

  5. wackywidow says:

    Hey Martin,

    Any of the mtn bikers could give you directions, or you can look up Asotin Creek on line and get a map that way. Jim never got a ticket…and I don’t know about mine yet. I have not received anything in the mail, and I know that Tom has been making some phone calls.

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