A few months ago, I taught myself how to sell stuff on e-bay. I thought it might be a good way to cull some of Jim’s stuff and make a little money towards things like Spring Break. I discovered I really don’t like the anonymity of e-bay. I sold a few things, but I always wanted to know who was buying it, what it would be used for, if they wanted some history on the item. One of the first things I sold was Jim’s SPOT locator system. He used it a lot in his last year to let me know where he was on all of his bucket list adventures. His SPOT went to a professor at UC San Diego who was doing a weather balloon project with the local high school. That felt good. And now, without e-bay, the red sled is going to be used in snow research. That feels GREAT!

But, I still have Jim’s stuff. Jim….had….a lot…..of…..stuff. I spent the last 24 hours in the basement. Bins, and bins, and bins of stuff. Jim never met a shoelace, a fastex buckle, or a piece of scrap skin material that he did not like, save, and think might be useful someday. Jim always had back up gear…and back ups for the back ups. Seriously, how many venom extractor kits can one possibly need? I now have two large contractor garbage bags full of sunglass lenses with no frames and shoe insoles. Underwear and ripped out bike shorts. Going on a dump run this weekend.

But there is other stuff. It is good stuff. Jasper has enough smart wool to last him until he is earning a salary. We each have 4 pair of skis and at least 3 packs. Hydration bladder breaks, no problem, we have at least 10 replacements. Skins for every pair of skis and enough NRS duffels to move to Europe. But, what to do with the stuff that we don’t need?Back ups are good, but only if they fit. I don’t like the anonymity of e-bay….but I had a brainstorm.

I listed Jim’s stuff on e-bay. I listed most of it for $.99 as the starting bid because that is the only way I can list for free. Everyone can look at it. You can bid on it. I’ve listed about 20 items, and will list more each day for a week until my list is gone. I don’t need the money, so anything that comes in for Jim’s stuff will go straight to the PCEI LaFortune Groover Project. It will be matched by the donor if it comes in before April 15th. This…..feels like a win-win situation.

So. Go to e-bay. Look for seller “duckookie11”. Check out Jim’s stuff. Check back daily until I have the energy to get it all listed. Bid on it. Enjoy it when it arrives. Know that anything you spend will be donated and doubled towards the “Pennies for Poop” project. And, if you have time…send me a story.

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One Response to E-Bay

  1. Joan Jones says:

    I think the kind of people who would like (and use) Jim’s “stuff” are likely to be the kind of people who also appreciate the history of said “stuff”. It’s a pleasing thought, that he keeps making trips and adventures possible, and makes them safer, funner, more interesting, and for people he never met. That’s really a very Jim thing to do. And facilitating it all…that’s a very Kathie thing to do 🙂

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