More on grief

For me, grief is a manic-depressive event. There are hills and valleys. In the beginning, the valleys were really deep, and climbing back up the hill seemed insurmountable. I still go up and down, but the peaks and valleys are shallower, and I am developing tools to pull myself out of the hole.

This weekend I made plans to get together with a friend that I had been missing all week as she was on a silent retreat. We went to a folk music concert at the Dahmen Barn. Wes Weddell (website on right under “blogroll”), whom I remember as just the somewhat geeky son of another friend of mine, is now 31, and he and his band put on a tight show. I was happy to get out, elated to see my friend, enjoyed the music….and then there was just that one song. I never know what the trigger is that will set me plummeting down again.

I have learned what the hard times are. The end of the day, the culmination of a weekend. Traditional family ingathering times. I am learning what helps. Dim the lights, make a nice dinner, see a friend.

Yesterday I took down the ski tree, and I washed the pillow case. I lit a candle, I made clean out the refrigerator pasta,  and invited a friend over for supper. 

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One Response to More on grief

  1. Cynthia LaBrecque says:

    Your strength, your heart, your grief, your joy…and your celebration of a life so well lived, as well as the “well living” you are doing……an inspiration. I can’t find the words, but treasure yours.

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